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When fired, the projectile sinks into the BALLISTIFLEX material it passes through before ending in the trap. The created hole then immediately closes under the effect of the heat generated by the bullet, the product is said to "self-healing" and up to several impacts in the same place. A bullet or projectile that would ricochet over the trap will be intercepted by the back of the curtain avoiding any return to the firing zone.

The reinforced viscoelastic properties of soft vinyl allow for an average absorption of 35 dB on the human hearing spectrum creating an acoustic barrier against impact noise in the trap and aspirations. The use of curtains also makes possible to confine the lead dust in the trap for better suction of the latter.


  • Self-healing material
  • Elastic, resistant & durable to many impacts
  • Reduce the sound of bullet's impact and aspirations
  • Lead dust containment and better evacuation
  • Safety equipment in shooting stand​​​​​​


  • Panels
  • Red, yellow, grey, white or black available