Waterproof membranes
Galleries and tunnels

In underground works, geo-membranes have an essential function in preventing the infiltration of water and providing protection of the structure. They are an effective solution for waterproofing and sealing work.

The use in particular of a transparent PVC membrane, not only translucent, easily ensures an effective and safe weld between the strips.

Extruflex membranes are available from 1 to 12mm thick and up to 2.2m wide.


  • Waterproof membrane
  • High mechanical strength
  • Available up to 12mm thickness, 2.2 m width
  • UV resistant

Extruflex supplies vinyl membranes

Tunnel waterproofing with flexible PVC sheets
Tunnel waterproofing with flexible PVC sheets
Dust reduction and sound reduction in mines and tunnels