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Bullet traps - BALLISTIFLEX

Safety in shooting ranges is a major issue. There is always the risk that a ricochet will become a danger to the safety of the shooters. The installation of an interception screen in front or inside of the bullet trap is therefore a solution.

Our vinyl products for shooting range applications are extremely elastic, resistant and durable.

Their "self-healing" property is superior to many products due to the amorphous nature of vinyl.


  • Bullet traps interception screen
  • Self-healing material
  • White colour available for dynamic targets projection
  • Available from 1 to 12mm thickness
  • Easy to install and replace


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Extruflex supplies, with Ballistiflex®, a dedicated vinyl solution for shooting ranges

Anti-return curtains for bullet traps in flexible PVC
Anti-return curtains for bullet traps in flexible PVC
anti-return strip for bullet traps in shooting range