Sound insulation & Acoustic
Acoustic optimization

Acoustic optimization is controlling how sound behaves in the room.

If the room has no sound absorbing surface, the sound will bounce from surface to surface over a long period.

The use of a surface absorber like flexible PVC will reduce the sound reflection and reverberation.

It will reduce the general ambient sound level in the room and make it possible to hear only the direct sound vibrations.

Flexible PVC is combining two antagonist properties that make it unique: High density and high flexibility.

High flexibility allows to absorb a great deal of energy while high density (mass) allows this absorbed energy to be dissipated as micro-heat energy.

The high density of Polymass® makes it more efficient than many others materials in terms of the absorption of low frequencies.


  • 35 dB absorption on average
  • Thin material, does not increase the thickness of the wall or the floor.
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency at low frequencies
  • Transparent if required.

Polymass® was developed with an expert acoustic engineer and can absorb around 35dB on average.

POLYMASS flexible PVC in recording studio for sound optimization
Black flexible PVC panels for acoustic optimization
Sound insulation of hotel rooms with Polymass
POLYMASS flexible PVC in stadium for sound insulation