Waterproof membranes
Roofing, ceiling, flooring

Roofing: White PVC is ideal for waterproofing roofs. Very soft and easy to weld for simple and faster installation, white PVC has high weathering resistance for a long shelf-life. Its white reflective surface protects against temperature increases inside the building in warm climates in order to save energy.

Ceilings: Transparent or colored transparent PVC panels are ideal for producing attractive ceilings using natural or artificial light.

Flooring: Transparent, transparent colored, opaque colored, the PVC panels can be used for floor protection or as a decorative feature.


  • Waterproof
  • UV and weathering resistant
  • Transparent or colored
  • Long durability in use

Extruflex supplies vinyl panels and membranes

White PVC roofing membranes
transparent ceiling with flexible PVC
Transparent PVC ceiling - FINEVINYL