Waterproof membranes

Due to their great possibilities of adaptation to the subsoil, their deformability, their resistance to punching and roots, PVC geomembranes are a material of choice for ponds, dams and canals.

Geomembranes fulfil two important functions:

  • They collect and store water
  • They protect the underground water against pollution

Soft PVC is ideal for producing indoor or outdoor basins. It is available transparent or coloured, 0.2 to 12mm thick and up to 2.2m width.


  • Waterproof PVC membranes
  • Transparent membranes available
  • Large range of available colours
  • Available up to 12mm thick

Extruflex supplies vinyl films and panels

basin waterproofing with flexible PVC sheet
basin waterproofing with flexible PVC sheet