Anti-insects PVC


STOP-INSECT has been specially designed to bring Anti-insect properties to flexible PVC in addition to all the existing qualities (clarity, brightness, durability, flexibility, and strong resistance to impact).

STOP-INSECT is repelling 80% of all mosquitoes and has a devastating effect on mosquitoes that land on the product. It kills 100% of mosquitoes that touch the vinyl during a 12 month time period. STOP-INSECT will help repel spiders, ticks, chiggers, mites or scabies mites.

The Anti-insect PVC STOP-INSECT is specifically recommended for strip curtain doors and partitions that will encounter insects. It will efficiency repel insects and prevent infiltration of areas like schools, hospitals, health centers, factories, industrial workshops, commercial shops, public buildings and private residences.

The repulsive agent within the STOP-INSECT is perfectly safe for humans and recommend by the WHO (World Health Organization) to prevent mosquito-borne disease such as dengue fever and malaria.


  • Transparency
  • High surrounding repellency effect 
  • Kills 100% of the mosquitoes in contact with the vinyl
  • Human safe, repulsive agent recommended by the WHO in the 200 essential medicines.​​​​​


  • Rolls, strips, curtains and panels
  • Ribbed, reinforced, rounded edges, mat surface