Food industry, cold chain & supermarkets
Cold storage

The use of PVC partitions or doors is particularly recommended for temperature control and insulation in cold storage. It is perfect solution to maintain low temperature and minimize the energy losts whether high traffic in freezer, cooler or in an air conditioned area. 

The low thermal conductivity of the PVC (0.16 W/m.K) ensures minimum thermal loss with a minimum thickness.

The PVC strips, panels or film partitions participate to energy reduction of 25% in chillers to 33% in freezers.

Extruflex supplies low temp vinyl for maximum flexibility and dedicated hardware for easy installation.


  • 25% energy reduction
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Remail flexible at low temperatures
  • Strong thermal insulation

Extruflex supplies vinyl and mounting hardware

Cool strip hanging system in dairy chillers and freezers
PVC strip doors for cold chamber and freezers
Strip and curtain doors with flexible PVC in cold chamber
Swing doors with flexible PVC in food industry
Thermal insulation of cold chambers and freezers

Recommended vinyl

Recommended hardware