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Protection screen against COVID-19

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Some viruses, including COVID-19, can be transmitted by contact or the projection of postilions.

Many people, particularly nursing staff, cashiers, shopkeepers, but also law enforcement, firefighters, garage owners and some craftsmen, are today potentially confronted with COVID-19.

Barrier gestures are not necessarily easy to apply, especially in places welcoming the public and therefore with people likely to be carriers of viruses.

Flexible vinyl films, panels and strips can be used to makes transparent protective screens for boxes and counters, isolation chambers, stretcher protections or even protective visors.

These solutions can protect all people in contact with public. They also help reduce the spread of viruses.


  • High transparency (soft glass)
  • Limits the risks of proliferation and contamination
  • Complies with REACH regulations
  • Low VOC, A+ rating
  • Non-Phthalate
  • Easy to clean
  • Long durability
  • Quick and easy to install

Extruflex supplies vinyl and mounting hardware

Ecran de protection clear-guard
Ecran de protection contre le COVID-19 tabac
Ecran de protection contre le COVID-19 en boulangerie
Ecran de protection contre le covid dans les commerces