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Thermal insulation

Flexible vinyl is a very strong thermal insulator when used as partitions or doors. It can result in high thermal energy savings in your buildings, warehouses or workshops.

Easy to use and to install, vinyl partitions will stop the exchange of heat, thus saving costs and increasing the comfort of personnel.

Our Soft PVC has a typical R value of about 12 to 60 W/K (2 to 10mm thickness), which out-performs insulating materials.

Flexible vinyl can be transparent, coloured, fire retardant, antibacterial, anti-UV or food contact grade to comply with your multiple requirements.


  • High insulation material
  • Transparent or coloured
  • Easy to install
  • Thermal energy saving
  • Cost-effective thermal insulation solution

Extruflex supplies vinyl and mounting hardware

Thermal insulation - rapid doors
Thermal insulation - strip doors
Thermal insulation - strip doors
Thermal insulation - automatic doors

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