Food industry, cold chain & supermarkets
Sliding doors

Recommended vinyl

Recommended for sliding doors in very cold chambers, Super Polar PVC is highly transparent, thermally insulating and flexible until -76°F (-60°C). Super low temp PVC is available in strips or panels from 4 to 86" width and up-to 0.46" thick.

Recommended for strips or panel sliding doors in food industry, standard blue clear is highly transparent with high thermal insulation. Standard Clear is available from 4 to 86" width and up to 0.46" thick.

STOP-BAC PVC prevents the development and proliferation of bacteria. STOP-BAC complies with ISO 22196 & JIS Z 2801. Ideal for your sliding doors.

Anti-UV PVC is designed for a durability in doors that are outside and exposed to UV light. It will protect your sliding doors from UV degradation.

Our fire retardant PVC is complying with international regulations (EUROCLASS, M classification, B classification, Fire Marshal, etc…). Ideal to realize fire retardant sliding doors.

Recommended hardware