Static charge sensitive industries

The use of PVC strips, films or panels in datacenter assists with managing the air flow in the servers room.

The cold air can be driven at the front of the server bay and hot air exhausted at the rear.

The PVC film will ensure separation between the hot and cold air in order that the hot flow can be conducted to the cooler before being re-injected into the server room.

This flow air optimization reduces global energy costs by 25% by reducing the cooling energy need to maintain the server at the desired temperature.

Extruflex supplies special antistatic and fire-retardant PVC strips, sheets and films.


  • Cold and hot air flow control
  • 25% energy saving
  • Optimum air conditioning
  • Transparent for supervision

Extruflex supplies vinyl and hardware versions

Temperature reduction in datacenter using transparent films
PVC strips in datacenter to reduce energy consumption

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