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The specific ANTI-UV additive included provides optimum resistance to aggressive weather conditions and guarantees a long durability of transparency, brightness and visibility.
Clear Anti-UV can be used for many applications but we recommended it for doors and window applications, i.e. with rapid roll up doors, marquee’s, tents or boat covers.

Standard Clear Semi-Rigid - EXTRUFLEX

Clear Semi-Rigid is used as “Semi-Rigid Glass”. It is offering clarity, brightness and adaptable ability to be bent or rolled-up.
Clear Semi-rigid PVC strip is most recommended to achieve flexible windows in roll up doors, rapid doors, semi-rigid panels for swing doors or strips doors in warm weather countries.

Standard Clear - EXTRUFLEX

Standard Clear is often referred as “Flexible Clear Vinyl”, offering clarity, brightness, durability, flexibility, and strong resistance to impact. Standard Clear is mainly recommended for the manufacture of strip doors and partitions for industrial and commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of Clear PVC for either pedestrian use and/or light traffic right up to heavy vehicle traffic such as fork-lift trucks.

Standard Clear Neural - EXTRUFLEX

Standard Clear Neutral is referred to as PREMIUM “Flexible Glass”. This product offers optimal clarity/transparency and is achieved by using selected virgin resin without pigment which provides this incredible clarity and an original neutral vinyl color. Standard Clear Neutral is mainly recommended for internal applications which require an enhanced esthetical appearance.

Low Temp Clear - EXTRUFLEX

Low Temp Clear is commonly used in low temperature environments because of a very high insulating power: it will reduce your energy loss thus save you cost.
Crystal Polar is recommended for many applications but mainly for manufactured strips doors, curtains doors and partitions used in cooling rooms, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, restaurants, dairy chillers and any food service environments).

Super Low Temp Clear - EXTRUFLEX

Super Low Temp is commonly used in very low temperature environments because of a very high insulating power: it will reduce your energy loss thus save you cost.
Strips and panel stay flexible, resist breaking and cracking whether it be an inside or outside application where temperatures vary from -76°F (-60°C) to 60°F (+15°C).
Super Low Temp is recommended for extremely cold blast freezer.

Colored Clear - EXTRUFLEX

Clear Colored is mainly recommended for safety signalization, colored and decorative strips doors, curtains doors, automatic doors, rapid doors or partitions in industrials and commercial buildings.
Easy to clean, easy to replace, Extruflex is offering the largest ranges of colored vinyl on the market.

Opaque Colored - EXTRUFLEX

Opaque Colored is offering a wide range of different colours (when the transparency is not required) in addition to all the existing flexible vinyl qualities (durability, flexibility, and strong resistance to impact).
Opaque Colored is mainly recommended for swing and strip doors, partitions, membrane, tunneling, building insulation, conveyor openings, wagon, trucks and dumper protection, flooring, etc…

Clear Fire retardant - EXTRUFLEX

Clear Fire Retardant complies with international regulations such as EUROCLASS, M classification, B classification, California Fire Marshal, etc... It is recommended for all applications which require superior fire resistance over and above our standard product range.

Anti-static Clear - EXTRUFLEX

Clear Antistatic vinyl is a high static dissipative (antistatic) material. It avoids sparks and all others damages resulting of static electrical charges.
Clear Antistatic strip doors and partitions can be used in varied applications such as, explosive atmosphere (mining, chemical sites, laboratories, etc…) or in static electric sensitive areas (datacenters, electronic part factories, packaging, etc…)


STOP-BAC is preventing the development of bacterial niche and their proliferation in sensitive areas.
It is recommended in slaughterhouses, food preparation and food processing workshops, restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, health centers, schools, industrial and commercial shops, etc…

Anti-insects Yellow - EXTRUFLEX

The Anti-insect PVC "STOP-INSECT" is specifically recommended for strips doors, curtains doors and partitions that will encounter insects. It will efficiency repel insects and prevent infiltration of areas like schools, hospitals, health centers, factories, industrial workshops, commercial shops, public buildings and private residences.


Screenflex Soft PVC has been specifically designed to protect people from dangerous radiation and projection from hot metal during welding. Screenflex complies with international standards and regulations for “Health and Safety in Welding” (ISO 25980, EN 1598 in Europe and AWS F2.3 in USA)

Clear Food Contact - EXTRUFLEX

Clear Food Contact complies with European regulation (1375/2004/CE and EU-10/2011). Clear Food Contact is particularly recommended for food industry applications where fresh or frozen produce is present, such as food production plants, slaughterhouses, refrigerated trucks, cold storage, supermarket, etc…

Hemp & Vinyl Composite - EXTRUFLEX

The Hemp Vinyl Composite is made of a mix of hemp and flexible vinyl assembled together.
This combination of vinyl with natural fibers is appreciated in the leather transformation and industry.
Hemp vinyl composite is a totally new material on the market!

Soft molding material

Vinamold® is a hot melt compound which is meltable compositions used for the preparation of flexible molds. It is an economic alternative to silicone rubber, polyurethane and rubber latex for casting concrete, gypsum, polyester resins.