Food industry & cold chain
Swing doors


This soft PVC is complying the EU 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 regulation for contact with food. This flexible PVC is optimized for swing doors and crash doors in slaughterhouses and food processing factories.


Clear Polar panels are highly transparent and high thermal insulating. Polar PVC or low temp PVC remaining flexible until -25°C and is available from 400 to 2200mm width. Clear Polar is ideal to build swing doors or crash doors in cold chambers.


The opaque coloured flexible panels are offering a high impact resistance. Our range of colours will make your swing doors unique. Available up to 2200mm width and 12mm thick, this soft PVC is ideal for swing and crash doors.


Ideal for full or partial transparent swing doors. Clear PVC is highly transparent and has high thermal insulating properties. Available in 400 to 2200mm width, 3 to 12mm thick.