Industrial buildings & workshops


Clear PVC is ideal to create transparent partitions to delimit working areas or to create thermal & noise insulating barriers in your warehouse or your industrial buildings.


Our fire retardant PVC is complying with international regulations (EUROCLASS, M classification, B classification, Fire Marshal, etc…). Ideal to build fire retardant partitions in industrial buildings.


Antistatic PVC is recommend for your applications in all the static sensitive areas. It will protect you personal and your machineries of the static charges risks.


The transparent coloured PVC is particularly recommended for the safety signalisation. It is recommeded to build partitions to delimit savety areas in your industrials buildings. It is available in strips or panels from 100 to 2200mm width, up to 12mm thick.


The opaque coloured PVC is particularly recommended for conveyor belt or production line when it is not desired to see behind the door.