Industrial buildings & workshops
Sliding doors


Lightly blue tinted, the Clear PVC is ideal for transparent sliding doors. This soft PVC is highly transparent with high thermal insulation. Available in strips or panels from 100 to 2200mm width to build all sliding doors sizes.


Anti-UV soft PVC is designed for a durability in doors that are outside and exposed to UV light. It will protect your sliding doors from UV degradation over time.


This clear semi-rigid PVC is recommended for rigid sliding doors made with panels or soft strips PVC.


The fire retardant PVC panels or strips are complying with international regulations (EUROCLASS, M classification, B classification, Fire Marshal, etc…). It is ideal for fire retardant sliding doors.


The transparent coloured PVC is particularly recommended for the safety signalisation of the door's frame. It is available in PVC strips and curtains that will increase the security of your sliding doors.


Antistatic soft PVC is recommend for your sliding doors in all the static sensitive areas. Available in strips and sheets, it will protect your area from sparks and dangerous static charges.


STOP-BAC soft PVC prevents the development and proliferation of bacteria. STOP-BAC PVC panels and strips are complies with ISO 22196 & JIS Z 2801. STOP-BAC is ideal to build antibaterial sliding doors.


STOP-INSECT will efficiency repel insects and prevent infiltration in your buildings. Ideal for food production, storage, distribution and retail. STOP-INSECT soft PVC is avalaible in PVC strips and curtains for sliding doors. STOP-INSECT kill mosquitoes.