Industrial buildings & workshops
Strips doors


The Clear PVC strips are highly transparent flexible PVC with high thermal insulation. Available in strips or curtains from 100 to 400mm width. Ideal to realize PVC strips doors.


The transparent coloured PVC strips are particularly recommend for the safety signalisation of the door frame. Available in strips or curtains from 100 to 400mm width, it is ideal to realize PVC strips doors.


Our fire retardant PVC strips are complying with international regulations (EUROCLASS, M classification, B classification, Fire Marshal, etc…). Available in strips or curtains from 100 to 400mm width, it is ideal to build soft PVC strips doors.


Anti-UV PVC strips are designed for a durability in doors that are outside and exposed to UV light. The anti-UV PVC is ideal to build strips doors.


The antistatic PVC strips are recommend in all static-sensitive areas, such as data centers, clean rooms, and electronic parts manufacturing. Available from 100 to 400mm, the Antistatic PVC is ideal for strips doors or curtains doors.


STOP-BAC prevents the development and proliferation of bacteria. The STOP-BAC soft PVC complies with ISO 22196 & JIS Z 2801. STOP-BAC is recommended to realize antibacterial strips doors.


STOP-INSECT will efficiency repel insects and prevent infiltration in your buildings. Ideal for food production, storage, distribution and retail shops. We recommend STOP-INSECT for all your strips doors. STOP-INSECT kill mosquitoes.


The opaque coloured PVC curtains are particularly recommended for conveyor belt and production line applications when it is not desired to see behind the door. Available in curtains or PVC strips of 100 to 400mm.