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Vinamold® is a hot melt compound which is meltable compositions used for the preparation of flexible molds. It is an economic alternative to silicone rubber, polyurethane and rubber latex for casting concrete, gypsum, polyester resins.

Vinamold® is an established name within the industry due to the unrivalled quality and versatility. For over 30 years clients know and trust the brand named which is a cost effective material for recreating article in a variety of various materials (i.e. plaster, reconstituted stone articles, polyester, glass fiber laminates…).


  • Cost effective
  • Detailed reproductions
  • Ideal for small and large size mold (until few meters)
  • Reusable (more than 50 times)
  • Adjustable flexibility and resistance to deformation
  • Easy miscibility


  • Vinamold® is available in 4 grades (Red, Natural, White, Blue, Yellow) for better reproduction, better resistance to deformation and durability.


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